The Top 7 Dreamiest, Extremely Old Men

Often referred to as ‘silver foxes’ or ‘dad or shags’, older men are a thing of beauty. Increasingly, young women like myself are fetishising them, and every single women's magazine tells us that we've gotta give one a whirl! During my "research" for this blog, I looked into women's preoccupation with significantly older blokes. Discovering... Continue Reading →

My 2017 in Pictures

Hello, everyone! I wasn't sure how to recap 2017 because I had lots of awesome adventures and I had no idea how edit it down into one post! I saw lots of bloggers posting a picture for each month, and I think it's a brilliant idea! 2017 was less eventful for me than 2016, but... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve Loved Lately: #01

Right, so these blogs will be a little more miscellaneous than some of the other stuff I write about! There are loads of events, products, meaningful moments and news pieces that I am excited about, and I'll be grouping these together here! My first attempt has come out a little more intense than I'd have... Continue Reading →

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