My Christmas Traditions

Hello, lovelies! So yesterday, I posted about how Christmas time in my home has changed over the years. The truth of it is though, whilst my life is obviously completely different than it was when I was a child, Christmas kinda isn't, really. Christmas has always been a huge deal in our house, so we've... Continue Reading →

Christmas Then and Now: How My Christmas Traditions Have Changed

Firstly, how effing cute am I in this post's featured image? That's my first Christmas; I'm approximately five weeks old there! So, I've been reading lots of blogs and talking with family about Christmas has changed for our family over the years. The blog I've posted after this is all about the bits that have... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Wish List!

I’m very lucky that I get spoiled each year. I’ve mentioned it before, but my brother, sister and I are all born around Christmas, so we don’t really make a fuss of each other’s birthday, but make a real effort at Christmas time. Despite the fact that at the age of 26, I’m the baby... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tag!

I absolutely love doing these tags; they're not the most compelling blogs in the world, but they're easy and fun to do, and I've got some great ideas out of reading some others. I'm absolutely obsessed with Christmas; I love celebrating old traditions and making new ones, and spoiling ourselves in the wintry months. Do... Continue Reading →

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