About PossumPeach

Well, hey!
Firstly, thank you for visiting my page.
Secondly, I’m Steph – nice to meet you!


I’m twenty-five, and moved from North Wales to the North West in June 2016 for a job in destination marketing, which is proving to be badass!

I’ve kicked up this blog because I read blogs every day. Currently, I don’t feel like there are many blogs that cater to my specific interests. I might be wrong in this, and am happy to be proved so – I’m really keen to meet some wicked women and cool dudes that are into the same things as me!

The majority of my blogs are about:
| Strength Training | Extreme Metal Music | Eating Well | Beauty |
. . . amongst all sorts of other things!

Whilst my posts aren’t vulgar, I do tackle some pretty adult themes from time-to-time, so if you’re a parent vetting your little ones’ internet usage, please keep little peepers away; I’m not in the business of traumatising children!

I am available for freelance writing work (examples available on request), guest blogging and product reviews. Please contact me if you’d like to have a chat those things; I’m excited to work with new people!

Love and strength,

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