My 2017 in Pictures

Hello, everyone!

I wasn’t sure how to recap 2017 because I had lots of awesome adventures and I had no idea how edit it down into one post! I saw lots of bloggers posting a picture for each month, and I think it’s a brilliant idea!

2017 was less eventful for me than 2016, but that’s no bad thing. I’m very settled where I am right now, and this year has mostly been about growing in my job and enjoying brilliant weekends with my friends, family and Joey.

Here are the photos that sum up last year!



This could actually be a big fat lie – I can’t remember whether my most recent tattoo was in December or January. I sat through this bad boy in one sitting, and whilst I’m pretty good at tolerating the pain of tattoos – the last hour of this was a bitch!



Joey and I went to the zoo and found a conspiratorial group of lemurs.*

I just Googled what a group of lemurs is, and no joke, it’s a conspiracy of lemurs! Who knew?



When the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast was released, I went to go and see it by myself. I couldn’t resist getting this shot on the way home!



The weather was so good in the spring, and it meant that Joey and I enjoyed some amazing beer garden crawls in the warmth and sunshine!



One of my cousins got married in May, and it was such a brilliant day; the weather was perfect and I loved catching up with family I’d not seen in years. I love this photo of me, my brother and my sister.



I spent a week in Falkirk in Scotland as part of an event with work, and my colleague and I made a point of seeing what we could see in our tiny amount of free time. We visited the thirty metre-high Kelpies one evening after tea. You can’t see here how beautifully they were lit at night, but they took our breath away.



My wonderful friends Isobella and Llinos visited during July, and we had the girliest, girly weekend ever! We packed loads into a couple of days, including a paddle on the beach!



So, Will Smith performed in Blackpool over the August Bank Holiday and it was mind-blowing. The entire performance was so much fun, and by some luck and knowing the right people, I ended up in the V-VIP lounge, dancing along with Fatman Scoop, haha!



Going to see the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London was definitely a tick off the bucket list! It was (excuse the pun) the most magical day with my sister, and when I wasn’t crying, I was open-mouthed in awe. If you’re contemplating it, it’s worth every penny.



My beautiful mum visited in October, and we went to see Cabaret in the theatre, went along to a sing-a-long screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show and ate loads of brilliant food. It was so nice to have her to myself for a bit!



I turned twenty-six in November, and spent about nine days celebrating (or commiserating), ha! A load of my mates came to visit me, and we went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the day.



I’ve got about four million pictures I could have used for this month, but this one has to be my favourite. I threw a Grinch sleepover for my sister and I, and it was so much fun to have mad hairstyles and drink violently green drinks!

I really enjoyed sourcing the pictures for this post; it’s lovely to look back on a year spent with all the people I love best. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Love and strength,


11 thoughts on “My 2017 in Pictures

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  1. You and your sister look so alike, it’s unreal! What a year for you, you had so much fun! & go you for getting through that tattoo in one sitting! I am itching to get my next one, I have gaps that need filling! That photo of Blackpool in March is a stunner too x

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    1. Aww, everyone says that! I taught her to do her make-up properly, so that helps, ha! I’m so lucky that I still see everyone so often, and made up that we’re already making plans! I have no idea what to do with this tattoo next – it needs extending and it’s too small . . . but it looks finished and I worry shoving something next to it will look awkward. Can’t wait to see your next one – they’re all beautiful!

      I edited that Blackpool photo, but not much! The sunsets are unmatched. xo


  2. Omg, the harpies in Scotland are you kidding? That’s going on the bucket list for sure. Thanks for sharing it looks like you had a fantastic year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kelpies, not harpies ;). Honestly, check out other pictures; mine doesn’t do them justice! It was brilliant, 2017! Happy New Year – hope 2018 brings nothing but good for you!


  3. lmao, that’s so funny I didn’t even know I wrote it that way, sorry about that. And 2018 is going to be fantastic, it certainly has been so far, I’ll do some research on Kelpies and I’ll pay better attention to my spelling.ha ha

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      1. haha, that’s hilarious thank you so much for the great post! You look fantastic in your photos by the way so whatever you’re doing keep it up!

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      2. I ate literally everything I could get my hands on during December, but my training and diet is right on track now; feel so good! Hope you’re doing well 😊.


  4. I’m doing great actually, I admit I did partake in some guilty pleasures in December but it was all in fun and I honestly feel fresh and ready to go in the new year! It’s great when you can see all the things you want to get accomplished and then you find the tools to help. I honestly feel like I have assembled all the tools I need to be as healthy and happy as I can possibly be. How are your goals coming for this early year so far?

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