2nd Anniversary Date Night: An Amazing Meal in Miller and Carter!

The 7th of August marks two years of me and Joey being nauseatingly loved-up. We’d normally celebrate it at Bloodstock Festival, but I’m not going this year and so we decided to so something fancy. I was looking around for a restaurant where we could have something a bit different. We tend to default to... Continue Reading →

30 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 30! (Part 2)

Hello, everyone! I'm back today with the second part of my blog series about all of the things I'd like to achieve before turning the big 3-0! You can read the first part here. I wonder if any of yours are the same! 11) Have a beach holiday I love that I get to do really... Continue Reading →

Lady Luck is a-Shinin’ On Me!

So . . . I don’t really like to show off, but I cannot believe how lucky I have been lately! Just a head’s up, it’ll definitely read like one but I have NOT been given anything in return for writing this; I’ve just had a very serendipitous few weeks and I want to share... Continue Reading →

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