First Time in the Big Smoke: London Sightseeing in Just Three Hours!

Firstly, follow my blog with Bloglovin - check it out! 🙂 Evening! So yesterday, I went to London for the first time EVER! I know it sounds crazy to have lived in Britain all my life and never gone, but it's true! Apologies for the grainy photos; I didn't want to lug my posh camera around with... Continue Reading →

Hitting a Quarter-Century: My 25th Birthday!

I did it - as of the 8th of November, I'm officially 25! I was only in work on Monday the 7th last week, so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have much to fill my time with and I'd be a bit lonely. It was awesome, 'cuz I ended up doing something wicked... Continue Reading →

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